Your furbabies (be they furred, feathered or scaled) are UNIQUE and you're well aware that each has their own personality.  They're your FAMILY and you wouldn't have it any other way.  You want to be able to cherish those who've left paw prints on your heart for years to come.

You know you can take a photo of your pet, but what you're looking for is more than that.  You want a beautiful portrait that shows their nature and the love and trust they have for you.

Pet portraiture needs a different approach and what works for people photography doesn't transfer well to animals.  I have a gift for bringing out the nature of an animal in portraiture, I've studied how to pose them and I have the patience needed to successfully create that perfect moment.

In other words; animals and I simply click.  (See what I did there?)


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I look forward to meeting you and your furever friend and creating your very own LupinBay Portrait.

LupinBay Photography - Art that Begins with Love


-- Kaylene Fister